Wong Genie

Theme : The untold ending of a fairy tale

4 hottest widow in the whole world : Princess Snow White, Princess Aurora, Princess Ariel, and Princess Belle. All of their husbands are died on the 1st Fairy Tale World War. And the very toughtfull Genie marry all of them, so here they are ... fighting for the 'Night Nap' schedule with Genie


Anonymous said...

what's the meaning of this concept????? fairy tale fetish??

Anonymous said...

come oooon...dont be toooooooo frigin serious dude!!! seni adalah kebebasan berekspresi...terserah mau suka atau ga konsepnya, yang penting mereka bisa nunjukin karya2nya tanpa ada patokan khusus...daripada sibuk menghina mending lo ikut berkarya juga bukan?

Anonymous said...

first of all..it's only a question. there's no statement about whether i like the concept or not. its a VERY VERY frequent question in an art world (considering i too, live in an art society and i DO make artworks), so no need to take it personally.

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