xmas greeting

by Pamela Halomoan

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We wish you all the best for Christmas day and for the upcoming year full of hope.

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The Dancing Animal participated in Scream Art Loud

Happy weekend and let's meet up there and hang together people!

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Mural Competition: Scream-Art-Loud!

Calling All Artist to join our MURAL ART BATTLE!!!

Send us your Best Mural Art CONCEPT and VISUALIZATION to: screamartloud@yahoo.com before November 15th 2010 and win a chance to get: 

5 Million rupiah Prize Money, 
Product Endorsement, 
a Fresh Wall for you and your crew to bombard...

The Theme: 

The Objective: 
How can WE, through ART and CREATIVITY, communicate the effects of 'Biodiversity Loss' 
so it'll create an AWARENESS to the public and hopefully evolves into ACTION that help prevent the damage even more... 

Get the ENTRY FORM Now by clicking: http://www.screamartloud.com/download/Entryform.zip

For More info: www.screamartloud.com. Follow us at Twitter (@ADROITZ) for event updates...


An Event by:

Fully Supported by:
Too Many Clothings
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Buku Cerita Bergambar: Nyanyian Lelaki kecil

sebuah mini project al TEREGO studio, sebuah buku cerita dengan mengajak 30 ilustrator dan 1 penulis dalam memvisualkan tiap bagian ceritanya. Setiap halaman adalah suasana yang berbeda dengan satu jalan cerita yang sama.

Penulis dan Cover:

Tampan Destawan Subagyo

the artist:
Adhitya Prasetyo | Rio Ari Seno | Raihansans | Tonthowi al Ahyar | Agus Susanto
Dimas Indra Permana | Atreyu A.M | Ardyan Yuniar | Widya Mada | Aiko Marckveratu
La Tessa Dwadiandra | Nurify Gadisgelap | Arya Mularama | Naomi Dame | Rasu Ardie  Aditya Fachrizal Hafiz | Chaterine Natasha | Onny Ranantalice | Dedy Kurniawan
Griksa Gunadarma | Aloysius Nitia | Mira Agfa Masita | Prasajadi Heru | Ryan Sheehan
Ryan Mardhika | Toro Elmar | Adri Tirtoarrazaq | Ube | Soni Fajar Nurhadi |
Roy Bayu Putra

and here's the detail of the book:

Book detail:

Front Cover: Florida Textured paper
Isi: HVS 70gr

Copy system
Cover: Digital printed
Isi: Photo copy
68 Halaman

Order the very limited copy


Rp.20.000,- (Excl. Shipping)

send a message to

+62 856 1499680

Read behind the story behind of the making of this book. here

gosipnya buku ini hanya di kopi sebanyak 50 buah.
ayo mendingan buruan dapetin!

thanks dancing animal
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Surat-suratan penuh kejutan yuk bareng Dancing Animal

Masih ingat ga rasanya ketika kamu menerima surat tanpa mengetahui apa isinya?

Perasaan ini yang ingin dihidupkan kembali oleh Tukang Surat.

Bagaimana caranya?
Kirim aja surat ke Tukang Surat (boleh juga menyertakan sebuah benda, apa pun kami terima kok), dan Tukang Surat akan membalasnya dengan menyertakan sebuah benda rahasia untuk kamu! Bendanya apa?
Rahasia donk, yang pasti sih muat dalam amplop.

Kalo ada pertanyaan lebih lanjut..boleh langsung tulis di wall atau email ke tukang_surat@yahoo.com. Boleh juga dateng ke blog Tukang Surat di tukangsurat.tumblr.com

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Wiznu, pencari uang
pensil,spidol dan photoshop
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bamboo's soldier

they only need bamboo spear and courage to maintain independence

Dimaz Hafizhan, Illustrator santai
pen on paper, photoshop
Your website : -

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New Theme : MERDEKA!

Our new theme is all about MERDEKA!
We want you to draw your interpretation of MERDEKA!

Give a bit explanation of your work and...

As usual, send your illustration to : dancing.animal (at) yahoo (dot) com
and fill this form :
Illustration title :
Name :
Job :
Illustration techniques :
Your website :
Character description :
Let them see the world and make them proud!
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Aldriana Amir, Ilustrator lepas
manual, spidol, warna di photoshop
"Dan robot pun juga ikut mencintai lingkungan" :)
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The Cleaner Squid

Emmanuella Jessica, animator, illustrator
drawing pen, marker
dream pet, a squid that loves to clean
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Digital Love

Rizni Fitriana, blogger
drawing pen and photoshop
His name is Robi Robo. He dreams about heart and love.
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TV Nino

TV Nino
Eric Wirjanata
the Tv that loves watching tv.
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Theme : Robot

Our new theme is all about ROBOT
We want you to draw your favorite Robot

Draw him/her/it and anything you want to explain about your Robot . And sent to us, don't forget to write a story or description about your character!

As usual, send your illustration to : dancing.animal (at) yahoo (dot) com
and fill this form :
Illustration title :
Name :
Job :
Illustration techniques :
Your website :
Character description :
Let them see the world and make them proud!
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Dinda PS, blogger
no techniques, just rough sketch by paint
just like the theme, my own character. but i named it as Michiko, just like my
favorite pink camera.
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Holaa, misstress Kirka

Franciska Angelina
Markers and photoshop

Character description : her name is misstress Baby Kirka, loves nothing than a lot of markers, and perfectly nerdy-queen.

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Is there any ghost in my brain ?

Wiznu, penari perut
pensil,spidol, adobe illustrator&photoshop

Deskripsi karakter : marah

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Suppose to be the ID


Okay, this is the alter ego speaking. What? you're calling me the imaginary friend? How dare you! Let me get this straight. It.is.I.WHO.DO.THE.THINKING. My ID is a useless mass, just an identifier to let other people identify me as me. But I must admit she is an okay girl. She let me out sometimes, and most of the times when we're alone, she let me take control. She's one scatterbrained girl, but kind to animals. And we're both have katsaridaphobia. Oooh loook! UFO! Okay. Thank you. bye.

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the murkan's

Illustration title : The Murkan's
Name : Toro Elmar
Job : Illustrator / Designer
Illustration techniques : Acrylic on board
Your website : http://www.toroelmar.com & http://toroelmar.tumblr.com
Character description :
"this is about the weird birds called the murkan's they are a curious bird who always don't believe each other just like human being who never trust each other."
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the zombie

Illustration title : the zombie
Name : gogoporen
Job : creative director
Illustration techniques : hand drawn using wacom
Your website : http://gogoporen.tumblr.com
Character description : an undead who has his own world.. enjoys everything like killing monsters and stuffs

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Resatio Adi Putra | Daydreamer |
Illustration techniques: Vektor, Texture

Character description : Adrisfi is a dreamcatcher
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Tunggalkarsa , A Designer/Illustrator/Spirits Healer
Illustration techniques : Hand Drawing, Faber Castle colour pencils, Snowman drawing pen, Artline 70 marker

Character description : A twisted psychologically disarray individual which happened to consume excessively anger and hatred and at present time living in exile.

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Rizka R Safitri, mahasiswa
Illustration techniques : Drawing Pen, Dry Pastels

Character description :
namanya Chiquitita. punya ketertarikan khusus pada benda benda yang bisa ngapung tak bermesin (burung, balon gas, balon udara, balon yang ditiup terus dilepasin, pesawat kertas, hantu) suka bermain dan pandai berhitung. kamu hanya bisa menemuinya di samping Komidi Putar di Taman Rekreasi Lincah Ceria, Negeri Dimanahayo setiap hari Rabu. Karena dia membantu Ayahnya mengoperasikan mainan raksasa tersebut.
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Erick S.
Job : Texture Artist/storyboard artist
Illustration techniques : Manual Ink & Shade with Drawing pen 03 & Gray Copic Marker, Digital Colouring with Photoshop
Your website : http://ericbdg.blogspot.com, http://erickbandung.com
Character description : A kid who likes to swim deep into the pacific ocean, and hunts mackerels for lunch. Has many friends in the sea (including the leviathans), air, and land.
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Lemi the Space Wanderer plush video review

Oleh Colette Bennett dari
Tomopop, salah satu geek paling keren didunia maya.
Untuk memperoleh plush ini, saat ini tinggal tersisa di :

Lou Belle Shop
Jl. Setiabudhi 56 Bandung

The Other Culture
fX Lifestyle X'nter lantai f6, Jl. Jendral Sudirman Pintu Satu Senayan,

Tenacious Toys.
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oddity hearts wanderer

Tatiana Romanova Surya, pop duck.
illustrator + que sera sera.
davis pops by. lemi wonders why. bye.
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My Friend Lemi is Bouncing In My ead

Rizka Amalia, Ordinary People.
I know a rabbit called him self Lemi. He's a space wanderer. He's a friend of my own imagination, and now he's bouncing in my head.
pencil on paper, scanned, edited in photoshop. :)
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Lemi X Bekintol :D

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Wandering in a phone

tb.putera, Copywriter
Custom Lemi Wallpaper made with Adobe Illustrator

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Lemi & Gendis on trampoline

Lala Bohang, common people
Ink on paper
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Tatak, Tukang Bakso Keliling
Psd, teksture
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a Lemi a Day Keeps the Doctors Away

Dwicantya Kuslandjari, siswa SMP
color pencil on paper
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Singing Lemi

Lemi of Moz
Octa Ramayana, Jedi Master Wannabe
Pen on Plain Paper + photoshop
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Lemi Superhero

rachmastar, mahasiswa
Illustration techniques : photoshop cs2
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Lemi the Space Wanderer

Box Brown, Comic Artist
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Lemi Baby

Emanuella Jessica, animator in progress.
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Gardening Lemi

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Richard Page, Illustrator
Lemi doodles with color
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Everybody wants to be LEMI

Dmaz Brodjonegoro : Pemanah asmara
Media : Mix media
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Lemi vs Black Monster

Pamela Halomoan, future millionaire
It's Lemi fighting the ugly black monster
Pencil, Marker on Paper.
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Theme : Lemi the Space Wanderer

Hey guys...

draw anything you have in mind when you read that word.

As usual, send your illustration to : dancing.animal (at) yahoo (dot) com
and fill this form :

Illustration title :
Name :
Job :
A brief explanation about your work :
Illustration techniques :
Your website :

And remember if you still want to illustrating our previous theme : STRIPES, just send it to us. :)
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bear's heart

Angel, siswi sma.15 y.o
i love the nose. :D digambar pas nonton earth.
pencil on paper. edit pake photoshop.
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A blood-strip-ing female vampire

Fakhri Bohang (Aspiring Multimillionaire)
22 year-old
picture done with acrylic on paper
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stripes stuff

Lala Bohang, sadly still a dreamer
Watercolor on paper
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Farissa Achmadi, Design Consultant
just one of my 'crunchy' comics
pen on paper
http://misomayo.carbonmade.com/ & http://www.flickr.com/photos/misomayo
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Anastasia Turnip, pelajar mengajar
Tanpa sadar, siput itu meninggalkan jejak,seperti kamu
Spidol di kertas
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legging kedodoran

Dwicantya Kuslandjari, siswa SMP, menuju SMA!
eh... pokonya ini digambar waktu pelajaran kewarganegaraan
menggambar diam-diam di bawah meja -_- pensil di atas kertas
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Stripes in Fashion

Lea, Illustrator Bingung

Pencil color and marker on paper
Saya naksir pakaian dengan motif garis-garis.

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From Dark to Light

Indro Indiego Moektiono, A "Starting and then Stopping" Illustrator.
Marker on paper.
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