VEHICLE : My Pen My Hero

Tatak, illustrator
bagi insan kreatif pencil mungkin benda yg sangat berharga yg membawa kita sampai kesini.
pen, psd, texture
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VEHICLE : Kombi Rangers

tb.putera, kopiraitah
adobe illustrator
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VEHICLE : memories

its my fish, it was DEAD because someone who try to bothering
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VEHICLE : Brenda the Cotton Bud

Pamela Halomoan. ,
Brenda the cottonbud robot. looks cute and innocent. but her gear. that used to be her vehicle is the reason why many lands cracked and floods happened
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VEHICLE : Gajahku

Astrid Prasetianti, Mahasiswi Desain
Tidak ada yang lebih menyenangkan selain menaiki gajah terbangmu sendiri.
Pensil di atas kertas + Photoshop.
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VEHICLE : The Magic Cloud

Cecil, monster lover
In the land of monsters, the magic cloud is the most popular vehicle. It represents your social status, and the rain dripping from the cloud is believed to cure all stupidity :p
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VEHICLE: rainbow connection


Aditya Fachrizal Hafiz | Photographer,Designer & Illustrator
The Rainbow Connection

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Resatio adi putra

i ride ridden by birds in my dream
marker on paper, ai, psd
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VEHICLE : Serigala Jalanan! heyya... :D

Gogoporen, Penunggang Serigala
Serigala Jalanan! heyya... :D
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VEHICLE : Dude who invented vehicle

Toro Elmar | ilustrator
Dude who invented vehicle (comic strip)
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Tb.Putera, penduduk
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Which Witch

Rahayu Joedawinata, pencil on paper
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VEHICLE : Vehicle of Beauty

Hini Adhika Cherisa S.
To me shoes are the vehicle of beauty. You can wear all the casual stuff from your closet, but having a fabulous shoes always the key!
water colour paint, Paint (prgm)

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Adeirrabrand manager, part-time photographer and graphic designer
all my LOVE that i have in my heart is my only VEHICLE towards my DREAMS
paper + permanent marker + Photoshop CS4
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Deirra,brand manager, part-time photographer and graphic designer 
sometimes a car is one of most important tools for CITY GIRL to have fun, not necessary with others, but just with herself..
paper + permanent marker + photoshop CS4

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My life has been pretty boring since you left.

Obin, pelajar SMA
Now there's no one I can actually tell everything, or to text whenever I'm bored. I miss you. 
Red and black marker, 2B pencil on paper. difoto ga discan.

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Vehicle : Aeroplane over the sky

Eric Wirjanata : Graphic designer and illusionist
Marker on paper photographed using cellphone.
It's Carlo riding his aeroplane
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New Theme : Vehicle

Hey guys...
The new theme for the next two weeks are :


draw anything vehicle related, be creative. :)

As usual, send your illustration to : dancing.animal (at) yahoo (dot) com
and fill this form :

Illustration title :
Name :
Job :
A brief explanation about your work :
Illustration techniques :
Your website :

And while the theme already changed, if you still want to illustrating our previous theme : Love Artually, just send it to us. :)
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why am i frightened so easily

Resatio Adi Putra
I'm ignoring you, but the truth is, I miss you so much.
marker on paper, illustrator cs 3, photoshop cs 3
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love for shoes : the nowadays Cinderella

adeiRra : brand manager, part-time photographer and graphic designer
paper + marker + SLR camera + photoshop CS 4

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Love Hurts

Ahmad Johan Rahadi
" for me relationships are like glass. Sometimes it's better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back
hand drawing, traced by adobe ilustrator, colored by photoshop

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15 Official Selection GANFFEST 2010

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Bagaimana menurut anda?

Jika peserta dancing animal, tidak perlu lagi mengirim e-mail, tapi menggunakan log-in pass? jadi bisa lansung updateee.

Sudah pada terbiasa menggunakan blogspot kan?

Kasih pendapat kamu dibagian komentar.
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Nothing is straight when you're in love

Alodia Amanda M. H
watercolor & pencil on paper
who cares about your sex when you're in love? it's love, actually. :)

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Love is Blind

Hini Adhika Cherisa Sosronegoro
"Love" is a strong word. What is wrong, it's right. What is real, it fades. We could easily blinded by its exsistance.
Paper, Pencil, Adobe Photoshop CS2

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your heartbeat

watercolor pencil on paper
Lea - illustrator bingung
watercolor pencil on paper

The most beautiful sound : The heartbeats of the one i love when i hug him

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The love with three stripes


professional ladykiller,

photoshop cs1

the love with three stripes: Inilah cinta dalam hidup saya yang sesungguhnya. Adidas Originals sneakers. Membahagiakan tapi juga penuh pengorbanan…pengorbanan materi terutama.

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i love to take a nap just like an owl

Anastasia Turnip
pelajar SMP merangkap asisten guru les piano :P
marker on paper

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Tinta Terlarang

More information soon
Do come people! They're worth to see
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love actual(ly)

Lala Bohang, wanita yang sedang usaha untuk berhenti membeli sepatu
Media : Ink + marker on paper
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Love is madness

Cecillia Hidayat
professional doodler :p
Media : ink on paper + digital

"yes, the pig is mad :)"

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Keluarga Spidol

A "Starting and then Stopping" Illustrator.
Technique: marker on paper.

"Baru pertama kali coba-coba menggambar pakai Spidol Snow Man Permanent Marker. Tadinya merasa ragu, apakah bisa mengontrol goresan setebal itu? Tapi ternyata hasilnya penuh cinta. So I think this is Love Artually. "
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workshop komik bersama Clément Baloup.

Seniman komik dari Prancis.
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Robot Loves

Carlo loves his pet bird and dog.
Marker on Paper

Eric Wirjanata : Illustrator, toy maker and kick ass art director.

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Time to LOVE our culture

Dmaz Brodjonegoro : Pesenam tingkat kecamatan
Media : pencil and water color on paper
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Pamela Halomoan
Art Student & Freelance Artist
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Chiptune's Player

Dyah Ayu Mustikasari : Landscape Architecture IPB
Media : Watercolor on paper

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