My Friend Lemi is Bouncing In My ead

Rizka Amalia, Ordinary People.
I know a rabbit called him self Lemi. He's a space wanderer. He's a friend of my own imagination, and now he's bouncing in my head.
pencil on paper, scanned, edited in photoshop. :)
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Lemi X Bekintol :D

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Wandering in a phone

tb.putera, Copywriter
Custom Lemi Wallpaper made with Adobe Illustrator

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Lemi & Gendis on trampoline

Lala Bohang, common people
Ink on paper
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Tatak, Tukang Bakso Keliling
Psd, teksture
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a Lemi a Day Keeps the Doctors Away

Dwicantya Kuslandjari, siswa SMP
color pencil on paper
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Singing Lemi

Lemi of Moz
Octa Ramayana, Jedi Master Wannabe
Pen on Plain Paper + photoshop
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Lemi Superhero

rachmastar, mahasiswa
Illustration techniques : photoshop cs2
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Lemi the Space Wanderer

Box Brown, Comic Artist
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Lemi Baby

Emanuella Jessica, animator in progress.
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Gardening Lemi

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Richard Page, Illustrator
Lemi doodles with color
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Everybody wants to be LEMI

Dmaz Brodjonegoro : Pemanah asmara
Media : Mix media
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Lemi vs Black Monster

Pamela Halomoan, future millionaire
It's Lemi fighting the ugly black monster
Pencil, Marker on Paper.
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Theme : Lemi the Space Wanderer

Hey guys...

draw anything you have in mind when you read that word.

As usual, send your illustration to : dancing.animal (at) yahoo (dot) com
and fill this form :

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And remember if you still want to illustrating our previous theme : STRIPES, just send it to us. :)
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bear's heart

Angel, siswi sma.15 y.o
i love the nose. :D digambar pas nonton earth.
pencil on paper. edit pake photoshop.
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A blood-strip-ing female vampire

Fakhri Bohang (Aspiring Multimillionaire)
22 year-old
picture done with acrylic on paper
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stripes stuff

Lala Bohang, sadly still a dreamer
Watercolor on paper
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Farissa Achmadi, Design Consultant
just one of my 'crunchy' comics
pen on paper &
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Anastasia Turnip, pelajar mengajar
Tanpa sadar, siput itu meninggalkan jejak,seperti kamu
Spidol di kertas
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legging kedodoran

Dwicantya Kuslandjari, siswa SMP, menuju SMA!
eh... pokonya ini digambar waktu pelajaran kewarganegaraan
menggambar diam-diam di bawah meja -_- pensil di atas kertas
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Stripes in Fashion

Lea, Illustrator Bingung

Pencil color and marker on paper
Saya naksir pakaian dengan motif garis-garis.

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From Dark to Light

Indro Indiego Moektiono, A "Starting and then Stopping" Illustrator.
Marker on paper.
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bite on stripes

Ai, plin-plan designer
again, no idea. so i just put "bite" on "stripes"
pencil on paper with a little help from photoshop
i don't have a website, i'm a beginner... :p
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S is for Stripes

Siska Kemala, Student
Pencil, edited in photoshop /
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Dyah Shinta, student

black marker - illustrator

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Job : if i told you i'd hv to kill you.
i steal, do you?
pencil [b -6b]
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All details are stripes

Rizka Amalia, Collegian
I love details in stripes
Ink on paper, scanned
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Death of an Invisible Boy #32

The Death of an Invisible Boy. Case #32: at Zebra Cross

Octa Ramayana, Master of Jedi Wannabe
Pen on Plain Paper

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Dmaz Brodjonegoro : pemain cello
Media : pencil and water color on paper

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Scary Stripe

thebhe, Copywriter
adobe illustrator
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