Hobo The Fashion Hero

Dinda P.S.advertising UI
pencil on paper + photoshop

He loves fashion more than every fashionista does. And just so you know, he is straight.
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Hero, Where Art Thou?

Tb. Putera, Copywriter
Media: Notepad + Photoshop + Illustrator
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hero needs food!

Andhika Nugraha, Graphic Designer
Media : Mixed media
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time ticker

Resatio Adi Putra, a time ticker
Media : Photoshop & Illustrator

you shouldn't play with time, time can be a superhero if you want it, time's ticking backward if you want it
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old maid-ty

Elfitramercredi, a part time dreamer
Media : Pen on paper
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a duel ... !?

Rama, Art director
Media : Ink on paper, Illustrator
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When Thomas Knoll* proposed Adobe Photoshop

Mirza Jaing, illustrator & graphic designer
Media : Adobe Photoshop
*) Adobe Photoshop founder
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"Trust me, I'm a hero ..."

Lala Bohang, a full time dreamer
Media : Ink on paper
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run for cover

tata bahasa - scriptwriters-
spidol di kertas.
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Rebecca, Singer and song writer
ink on paper
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"we dont need another hero"

Annisa Utami, artist
ballpoint on paper
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Irvine Prisillia, Copywriter
Media : Mixed media
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"No, they can't save you. Not today. Not ever"
Dyah Sinta, FSRD ITB
Media : Pen on paper
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my father my hero

Emte, Illustrator
Media : Ink on paper + photoshop
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kitchen hero

Octa Ramayana
Media : Pen on paper + Photoshop
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Kapten Petir

Eric Wirjanata, lucky bastard who is living high.
ink on paper, camera phone & adobe photoshop.

a superhero character created years ago on my junior high school era for School Magazine.

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