on nu:B

nu:B as the music & lifestyle magazine featured Love Artually on their 18th edition. You should check their official website on www.nubmagz.com
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on Texture Culture

Love Artually was featured on this cool website
They would feature things with keyword illustration, design & character
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Our blog is widely open for anyone*

  1. You simply check our monthly theme (this will be our first thing first every month), make your own illustration based on that and send your illustration to : dancing.animal@yahoo.com (please ... not bigger than 2 MB)
  2. Don't forget to send your explanation about your illustration because we're not a gypsy community that could read others mind. Oh ... you don't have to write a long and boring explanation just make it simple
  3. You must put your basic information. Name, School/College/Office, Age, website/blog link, (of course) your illustration title, and your illustration media
  4. Relax ... we won't judging your illustration. We're an amateur, we just have fun together! In this case we have fun with this illustration thingiy
  5. From this activity we'll have bigger illustration community than now and (of course) we could make bigger illustration exhibition that might be not as good as hell. Well, at least we try ...
  6. Last but not the least ... everybody could draw but first you must put your imagination on paper, less than that you're just a dreamer

Kiss & warm hug,

The Dancing Animal

*) Who could draw and currently in a serious relationship with pencil, water colour, adobe photoshop, and bla...bla...bla you name it!
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(don't) dothewhatnot

They got amazing pictures here
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The ON Man

He gave us our first important opportunity, he trust us and he made us trust ourself. Being around him just keep us in our maximum positivity and stick to the power of believing

Love Artually wants to say, "Thank you Mr.Sahala!"
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