My dancing pen

Bondan Gail
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Moogerfoger cult

Marker on paper
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Tip Toe Like No Tomorrow

elfitramercredi, 22, sleepyhead

Media : pencil color on paper

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Just Dancing

Moreza, Studiomili
Media : chinesse ink on paper

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A girl with a dancing earring

Lala Bohang (the super rich and talented bastardo)
Media : Pen on paper
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Pikiduppers Pick it up... pick it up!

Rama /art director
media: Adobe Illustrator

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Remember this dance?

Tb.Putera, Penasik
Photoshop + Illustrator
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a Tribute to The Dancing Queen

Dmaz Brodjonegoro : Clip Maker
Media: pencil and water color on paper
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as long as the ribbons are around, I'll dance

Dyah Shinta, Student
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Dancing Kid

"Dancing Kid"
Pencil, Pen and Adobe Photoshop
Eric Wirjanata : Young and Rich Bastard
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