dread return

Arya Mularama, Jakarta. Art Director
Media : Drawing pen on paper
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father, finally

Elfitramercredi, Jakarta. Copywriter and freelance illustrator
Media : Asturo water base on black cardboard
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The Girl With The Curly Hair Took My Heart Away

Made Indar, Jakarta. Art Director
Media : Drawing pen on paper and adobe photoshop

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Bondan Gail, Jakarta. Art director
Media : Pencil on paper
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Control your libido

Cacis, Jakarta. Graphic designer & Illustrator
Media : Marker & drawing pen on A2 paper
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Space Killer Vol.01

Be there!
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refill your blue eyes

eMTe, Jakarta. Illustrator
Media : Rapido on paper
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sleep talker

Adobe Illustrator
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House of deluge

Pratama, Jakarta
Media : Marker on paper
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Terjerat cinta buta

Eko Bambang, Bandung. Desainer, illustrator, perupa
Media : Drawing pen + Photoshop

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Serigala Hitam Jelek

Adobe Photoshop
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The Queen of Heart

Bayu Rakhman, Jakarta
Media : Adobe Illustrator
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materialistic girl

Fakhri B. NTU Singapore
Media : Photoshop
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Love to be Loved

Media : Pencil on paper, chinese ink

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monochromatic speaking

Teaser of TDA's next project
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Sajama Cut

Thanks for the performances.
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Duo Dinda

Dmaz and The Dancing Animal wanna say thanks to :

Dinda Amanda (Amanda and Friends) : for sharing a really great music while we were drawing on Love ARTually...you're such a talented musician indeed hehehe...

Dinda Gita Kamil : for promoting Love ARTually in many medias, for supporting us in marvelous time... :D

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April theme : Black and White

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