The Dancing Animal art card for Xmas!

20 designs from 7 artists

Now Available at:
Citywalk Sudirman GF Lobby
13-29 Desember 2009
10 PM - 8 AM

*Soon ... you can grab them at the nearest bookstore :D


audelia agustine said...

Halo... unik2 banget hasilnya!Sayang baru tau kalo siapapun boleh submit.Bakal ada submitting lagi ga untuk event2 berikut..?

Anastasia Turnip said...

helo,i'm the seventh artist,and sadly i'm not in that photo,but,i really thank to you guys :)
i was very excited when sis lala said dancing animal will print my design,and all of my design is sold out. i'm very happy,especially i'm very young(14).
i love this site,so please keep posting :)

Lala Bohang said...

Dear Anastasia

Im so sorry that ure not in the picture, but if u know that we're coming home very late that night mybe u'll be thankful for not being there .LOL *just kiddin :)

we'll keep posting as long as you guys keep sending your drawings

keep drawing! :)

karina saputri said...

kak lala, kapan ya aku bisa membelinya di toko buku?


Lala Bohang said...

Dear Karina,
Pasti akan di update di blog kalau udah dijual di toko-toko buku :)

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